Founding Principal, ODA

Eran Chen

Eran Chen is the founding principal of ODA. Since establishing the office in 2007 he has become one of the most prolific and influential architects in New York. Chen has gained a reputation for delivering imaginative designs that are radically innovative as well as socially, ecologically, and fiscally responsible. Seeking to reorder architectural priorities by putting people first, Chen challenges conventional perspectives of dwelling with hope that it will, over time, influence life in our cities. Amongst others his work has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects and the Society of American Registered Architects. Chen graduated with honors from the Bezalel School of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where he serves on the board and as guest lecturer. He is a frequent speaker at design and development forums around the world, as well as architecture schools including Columbia University, Clemson University, Syracuse University, Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, and The Technion.